2013 training season begins at the TFF-Ülker Soccer Villages

TFF-Ülker Soccer Villages will be organized in two stages this year. The organization has been operating since 2007 with support from Ülker, and has reached 3,650 children. The first one will be held in six cities (Izmir, Sakarya, Rize, Balıkesir, Sinop, and Erzurum) from August 19-28, and the second session will be organized in four cities (Nevşehir, Elazığ, Isparta and Yozgat) from September 1-10.

TFF-Ülker Soccer Villages are getting ready to play host to a total of 400 students, of which 120 are girls, in a collaboration with the Turkish Football Federation and Ülker during the group's seventh year running.  Soccer Villages will be held in 10 cities in two sessions with talented children ages 12-13. The children will not only receive soccer coaching, but they will also be given diverse training that will help them acquire new perspectives.  

At the training programs put together by experts in the TFF-Ülker Soccer Villages, children improve their soccer skills as well as develop social, cultural, and individual abilities by participating in activities related to the sport. The program mainly encompasses soccer training, in addition to creative drama, chess, environmental awareness, first-aid, nutrition, and futsal programs. There will be a representative and an assistant to the coordinators in each village, thanks to the cooperation of the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG). Related faculties of forestry will be providing environmental training and the Sabri Ülker Food Research Foundation (SUGAV) a "balanced diet" training at the Soccer Villages where the children will also learn about modern art at the Ülker Children's Art Workshops.  

Young soccer players will not only develop their playing skills, but they will also discover the spirit of camaraderie, fair play, and solidarity, which are at the core of soccer. Soccer Villages project has helped 3,650 children participate in sports and improve their talents to date.

You can follow this year's Soccer Villages from the specially created  www.ulkercocuklaricinfutbol.com  website.