February 14, Valentine’s Day, is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your love with the gift of sweetness and giving her Ülker Golden. Prepare a private web site for her with the password found in the special edition, delightful “Golden Taste of Love” box.

Ülker Golden has prepared a delicious and unique gift that will bring happiness to your loved one on February 14th.   Limited Edition Ülker Golden “Taste of Love” chocolates in a transparent box have been specially designed for Valentine’s Day gifting.

Inside the box are two varieties of Ülker Golden, chocolate with pistachios and milk chocolate. The real surprise is hidden inside one of the chocolate wrappers…   Inside one packet you will find a special password which you can use to prepare a private web site for your loved one at the web address www.askintadi.com.

Lucky users can upload photographs, design the background and select music for the site. The site can be used to send a special private message to your sweetheart as a gift.

Don’t miss this opportunity to give Ülker Golden and a unique and private gift to the one you love.