“Homemade Cake” from Dankek

Ülker Dankek says “Never say never”.  Now Ülker Dankek has two new varieties of cake in Chocolate-Orange and Carrot-Cinnamon flavors which taste just like homemade cake.

Cake expert Dankek has a new kind of cake. Dankek Ev Kek (“Homemade” Cake) is now available in two new varieties and two different sizes.

These flavorful, round cakes with hollow centers full of sauce are available in large or small sizes. Chocolate orange and Carrot-Cinnamon varieties are now available on store shelves.

Large-size Dankek Ev Kek cakes have special sauces. The Chocolate Cake has Orange sauce to squeeze inside of it while the Carrot and Cinnamon cake has a caramel sauce to serve with it. The sauces are included inside the package in separate pouches. These delicious cakes can be served with or without the sauce filling.
Dankek Ev Kek makes it easy to enjoy homemade cake any time. Keep the large size on hand for unexpected guests.  The smaller size cakes are ideal for both the younger and older members of your family to take with them to enjoy anywhere they go.