The newest catch from the sea… Ülker Kalbim Tuna

Ülker Kalbim is continuing to add new products to its line of margarine and functional foods products, with tuna fish. The new product, Kalbim Light Tuna, will become the “young at any age” brand name, preferred by consumers who care about their quality of life and good flavor.

Thanks to a team of quality experts, Kalbim Tuna Fish stays as fresh and delicious as the day it was first caught, without the use of additives.  Kalbim Tuna Fish is manufactured from whole slices of white tuna from the ‘yellowfin’ species. Its flavor and meaty goodness make it ideal for sandwiches, salads, in pasta or a variety of light but tasty dishes. Kalbim Tuna Fish contains Omega 3, vitamin D and is a source of high quality protein with exceptionally good flavor…

According to a 2008 Nielsen survey, the total canned tuna fish market produced 5,000 tons and brought in 85 million TL in revenues... Tuna fish accounts for 95% of the total canned fish market, which grew by 5%. As a result of the synergy created by the Kalbim brand and Kalbim Tuna, Kalbim is aiming to take over one of the three leading positions in the market by the end of the year.