Our Happiest Moment, a giftable "Ülker Pötibör Çoko Box"!!!

Ülker Pötibör Çoko – Our Happiest Moment! Share your happiest moments with your friends. Earn a chance to win an Ülker Pötibör Çoko box!

Our Happiest Moment, a giftable
One of the best loved things when we were children was to spread chocolate on Ülker Pötibör biscuits and eat them. Ülker Pötibör, in honor of its 65th anniversary, has introduced Ülker Pötibör Çoko!

Ülker Pötibör Çoko will take you back to those happy moments of your childhood! Each day, anyone who shares a happy moment will be eligible to enter a draw to win one of 20 boxes of Ülker Pötibör Çoko!