Galatasaray’s Emre Çolak became the winner of the “Ülker Goal of the Month” for January

The ‘Ülker Goal of the Month” competition has been concluded for January; Emre Çolak’s shot sent into the Beşiktaş nets was chosen as “Ülker’s Goal of the Month”.

Emre Çolak was chosen for the “Ülker Goal of the Month” which was organized on the Galatasaray Facebook page under the sponsorship of Ülker, for the goal he kicked in the Beşiktaş game in the 19th week of the league. The lucky voters who chose this goal got the chance to watch Galatasaray train, meet the players and take pictures as guests of Ülker.

The Ülker Goal of the Month will continue with goals in February.