Ülker’s glossary of terms

Ülker: The Turkish brand that has created countless happy moments for children, women and men since 1944.

Ülker: The master brand name for 300 sub-brands.

Ülker: The short name of Ülker Bisküvi ve Sanayi A.Ş., the company which manufactures Ülker brand biscuits and the market share leader in Turkey.

Ülker:  The short name of Ülker Çikolata Sanayi, the leading chocolate producer in Turkey.

Ülker: The biscuit manufacturing company founded in 1944 by Asım and Sabri Berksan.  Over time, the Ülker brand became so famous that the family changed its surname from Berksan to Ülker.

Ülker: The legendary name associated with biscuits and chocolate products.

Ülker: The name associated with happy moments.

Ülker: The young spirit of biscuits and chocolate.

Ülker:  The name associated with good flavor.

Ülker: The name that is trusted by consumers.