Halley ile herkese bi “halley” oluyor…

Halley, inspired by a comet, is a snack made of real chocolate coated marshmallow between two cookies. Introduced to the market in 1988, the brand created a new category in Turkey.

Halley is now exported to 50 countries, from America to China. In Turkey Halley is being consumed at a rate of 1.3 million every day, 53,000 an hour and 887 per minute.

Halley, the leader of the chocolate sandwich market, which has held a special place in hearts since the day was introduced, is drawing attention with a new advertisement film. In the new film that makes reference to the Mayan calendar, according to which the world will end on December 21, 2012, those who are eating Halley can just laugh it off. The slogan “Herkese bi Halley oluyor”  that is used in the advertisement continues to be on everyone’s lips.

The campaign was prepared by the Alametifarika advertisement agency. The commercial, which was directed by Ozan Açıktan, took two days to shoot. In the commercial, made with a technical staff of 50, a cast of 9 and 160 walk-ons, the oracle who warns people was played by Mert Turak. The shoot took place in a pleasant atmosphere in which 1,500 Halleys were consumed.