A new sound from the world of crackers: Ülker Krispi

Ülker has created an entirely new cracker:  Krispi. You can take delicious Krispi crackers with you anywhere. These Sesame-Cheese crackers are a first in Turkey.

Krispi can be found on grocers’ shelves in Plain, Seasoned, Cheese, Sesame or Sesame-Cheese varieties.  Krispi Plain Sticks are thinner and saltier; the rich spicy taste of Krispi Seasoned Sticks, the special cheese flavor of Krispi Cheese Sticks, and the crunchy sesame goodness of Krispi Sesame Sticks will keep you coming back for more. 

Krispi Sesame–Cheese sticks combine the two tastes for the first time. The cracker melts in your mouth.  It’s hard to get your fill of Krispi Sesame-Cheese Sticks.

New varieties of Krispi will soon be available in even more varieties.

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