Krispi Çıtır has 3 new products and a new crisp campaign

Krispi has 3 new flavors: Nacho Cheese, Maxi Spice and Nigella Seed.

The new “Krispi çıtını çıkar” (Make it Crunch) campaign to promote the new varieties, forms and tastes of Ülker Krispi Çıtır cracker sticks is eye-catching.

Ülker Krispi stick crackers with their extraordinary shapes, crunchiness, nacho cheese, maxi spice and nigella varieties of “Krispi Çıtır” are now available.  

The new shapes and flavors of these crackers are what make them unusual. These crispy, crunchy crackers are popular among young people because they are easy to share:  Now they are available in three new flavors.

Black theater advertising film

An amusing commercial has been produced to promote these special Krispi crackers.  Black Theatre is an 11 member masters’ private theater group which synthesizes dance, modern jazz, modern music and pantomime.  The group is part of the Image Theater group which was brought to Istanbul especially to take part in the filming of the advertisement. Rehearsals for the shooting took place in Prague and Istanbul over a two-day period. Burcu Matur directed the film and special choreography is used in the commercial. The unusual shapes of the product identified in the commercial are especially popular among young people. The commercial shows groups of young people sharing different varieties of Krispi Çıtır crackers.