Metro Energy Test 2 - Metrocycle wins the Grand Prize in the Golden Compass Contest

Winners of the 12th Golden Compass Public Relations Contest, which the Public Relations Association of Turkey (TUHID) organized, received their prizes at the ceremony at the Haliç Congress Center on Thursday, June 27.

Metro Energy Test 2 - Metrocycle project of Yıldız Holding won the Golden Compass Contest Grand Prize. Two projects received the Grand Prize after getting the most points from the jury, out of the 145 projects competing this year at the Golden Compass Awards. The Grand Prize went to Yıldız Holding with the Metro Energy Test 2 - Metrocycle project and to Anadolu Sigorta, ARPR / Lobby PR with the One Master, One Thousand Masters project.

Metro reached out to consumers with the "Energy Breezes In" slogan, energizing a motorcycle with a pioneering project in 2012. A Metro-energy driven motorcycle was developed with the Metro Energy Test 2 project, in collaboration with the Energy Institute of Istanbul Technical University (ITU). The Metrocycle was completed after six-months of work by 10 scientists under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Altuğ Şişman, Director of the ITU Energy Institute. This is the brief operating principle of the Metrocycle: Sugar and fat molecules in the Metro are pumped into high-pressure tubes by a special compressor after being broken into smaller hydrocarbon molecules through pyrolysis. These smaller molecules can be used as fuel by a small motorcycle. The energy of the gas in the tubes is converted into mechanical energy by the motorcycle, which has been modified to work with this gas.

The motorcycle has been designed to work only with Metro energy. It reaches a speed of 100 km/hour in five seconds and travels one kilometer with 24 units of Metro. One kilogram of Metro is capable of transporting the motorcycle, which is 320 times heavier, a distance of one kilometer. The motorcycle can reach a speed of nearly 120 kilometers per hour.

Metro-energy driven Metrocycle was manufactured from a modified powerful racing motorcycle, of which there are only two in Turkey.