Rondo receives an award from Turkey’s Mixx Awards

With the slogan “If Life has Drama, Rondo has Icing” Rondo has won the hearts of consumers. This success was illustrated when Rondo began collecting award after award at Turkey’s Mixx (Marketing and Interactive Excellence) Awards ceremony and then received the top Gold Award in the category of Best Cross-Media Usage.

At the start of 2010, Rondo introduced its new positioning to consumers. Rondo’s new advertising campaign was based on the concept "the icing on life", referring to Rondo’s icing-filled cookies and how they can help to lighten up the small dramas that occur in the daily lives of young people. The slogan "If life has drama, Rondo has Icing" was decided upon.

In accordance with the concept, an internet site was created as part of a 360 degree communications plan. The web site contained video clips of songs about small daily dramas, composed by Ümit Besen who also took roles in many of them. For example: My cat ran away from home, my computer crashed and then they made me goalkeeper on an indoor football pitch… In addition to clips like these, an actual song contest was organized and people were asked to compose songs about their everyday dramas.

Words submitted by the two winners of the contest were set to music personally by Ümit Besen. Participants who didn’t win were sent “Rondo Rama Personal Care” sets and T-shirts with a picture of a tear-stained pillow, to show that their efforts had not been wasted and to make them feel that Ümit Besen and Rondo were always behind them.