Sertab Erener provided Ülker consumers with a musical feast

Sertab Erener performed songs from her latest album “EyŞuh-i Sertab” for the first time in front of Ülker consumers at the Ülker Sports Arena.

As a surprise for the audience Erener also performed her song “Every way that I can” in a Turkish classical music style. At the concert on Saturday July 14, 2012 at the Ülker Sports Arena, she presented Turkish classical songs from her latest album “EyŞuh-iSertab” to Ülker consumers for the first time. 

During the concert the singer performed some of her most popular pop songs as Turkish classical music. “Every way that I can,” winner of the 2003 Eurovision song contest, was the first English song to be performed this way. The other popular songs that Sertab Erener sang in Turkish classical music format were Aldırma, Rengarenk, Vur Yüreğim, Zor Kadın, and Kumsalda.

The songs that were performed on a stage appropriate to the album concept provided Ülker consumers in the Ülker Sports Arena with a magical atmosphere and an unforgettable evening.