The Cooperation between TFF and Ülker in Children’s Football Continues to Get Stronger

The cooperation between Children’s Football, which holds great importance for the future of Turkish football, the Turkish Football Federation and Ülker continues to grow stronger.

The new term of training has started with new projects and wide participation under the cooperation between the Turkish Football Federation and Ülker, which began in 2006. The TFF-Ülker Football Training Centers (FEM), which is a branch of the Football for Children program, was established with the purpose of spreading and developing football in areas where the clubs cannot reach. In these centers which have been opened at 60 different locations throughout Turkey, instructors selected by TFF provide training to kids under 12 to contribute to their football skills as well as their personal development. While children 10-11/12 years old with talent potential are trained during the week, the centers open their doors to all kids between the ages of 6 and 12 on the weekends. The training that starts in the TFF-Ülker Football Training Centers in February for the purpose of introducing kids to football at any early age will continue on through June. The goal is to reach 15,000 children within the scope of the project.

A brand new project with the contributions of Ülker …
Another big project that will be carried out by the Turkish Football Federation and Ülker starting with this season is the TFF-Ülker Club School Football Training Organizations …  The field work for this project in which 62 professional clubs are participating, 9 amateur clubs are included in the pilot application and 6 women’s football clubs are included, is still in the process. With this organization that is realized by the Turkish Football Federation and Ülker in collaboration with schools and clubs, nearly 16,000 kids will play football.