The energy of Metro turned a motorcycle in to a “Metrocycle”

Ülker Metro has signed off on yet another first in cooperation with the ITU Energy Institute, by producing a motorcycle that operates on Metro’s energy. This special motorcycle plays the leading role in Metro’s new advertisement film.

Ülker Metro, which calls out to consumers with the slogan “Full of Energy”, has signed off on yet another first in the world by giving energy to a motorcycle. In the Metro Energy Test 2 that was brought to life in cooperation with the Istanbul Technical University Energy Institute a motorcycle that operates with Metro energy was produced.

Ülker Metro was the first brand to film an advertisement with electricity created by bicyclists who had eaten Ülker Metro in 2011. The project was realized through collaboration with the ITU Energy Institute. After the Metro Energy Test 1 the brand managers who wanted to take their claim about energy even further made a decision with the ITU Energy Institute and advertisement agency Alametifarika to built a motorcycle that functions on Metro energy.

25 Percent growth is targeted

Ülker Chocolate Marekting Director Zekeriya Cengiz Acar said that Metro is in third place in its own category with a market share of 9 percent and added that they will continue to make advertisements focused on energy that are the first of their kind. “Metro goes out to consumers at 180 thousand points in Turkey. This means that in one day nearly 438 thousand and in one hour 18 thousand 250 hundred Metro bars are consumed. We are continuing to make distinctive and original advertisements for our energetic and dynamic brand to address our young audience. In our advertisement film for this year we produced a Metrosiklet that operates on Metro energy and gave the Metrocycle a leading role in our film. We had increased our sales by 55% without Metro Energy Test 1 film last year. With this continuation we aim to grow another 25% over last year.”

10 scientists worked for a period of 6 months under the leadership of ITU Energy Institute Director Prof. Dr. Altuğ Şişman to make the motorcycle which operates on Metro energy. Prof. Dr. Altuğ Şişman explains the working principle for the motorcycle as follows: “The fat and sugar molecules in Metro will be used by the motorcycle with the help of a pyrolysis reaction which will break them down into smaller hydrocarbon molecules and with a special compressor fill them into high pressure tubes. The energy of the gas in these tubes is what the modified motorcycle will function on.”

Prof. Dr. Şişman, who said the motorcycle will only function on Metro energy, also gave this information concerning the motorcycle’s technical specifications: “The motorcycle travels 1 km with 24 Metro bars and reaches a speed of  100km/hour in 5 seconds. 1 kg of Metro can transport a motorcycle that is 320 times its own weight for 1 km. The motorcycle can go up to about 120 km/hour.”

The Metrocycle that will operate on Metro Bars was modified from powerful motorcycles of which there are only 2 in Turkey. Electronics mechanic Ersoy Akkartal and industrial designer Harun Ahmet Aksoy did the design and production of the Metrocycle.

Collaboration with world famous director Eric Coignoux

The advertisement in which the Metro motorcycle played the leading role, was directed by Eric Coignoux. Coignoux, who filmed an advertisement for the first time in Turkey, was chosen for his experience in action scenes. The post production of the film was done in Paris at the Mass company.

Şakir Şenkalaycı played in the action scenes of the advertisement. Şenkalaycı, who has many achievements and awards in the sport of motorcycling, packed the film with action after taking all necessary safety precautions. Throughout the filming a 60 person crew of extras were present.

The first showing of the advertisement film took place on Saturday October 13, 2012 before the outstanding performance that was attended by thousands of Metro fans. First the audience watched the advertisement film followed by the behind the camera shots then a short performance was done by the Metro motorcycle. After that DJ Ozan Çolakoğlu, who is himself a motorcycle enthusiast, provided the audience with an enjoyable time accompanied by his most popular music. The excitement continued with the motorcross acrobatic team MotoHeroes from the U.S. In the performance at the Ülker Sports Arena the motorcycle drivers provided excitement with their daring acrobatic maneuvers.

The team of performers comprised of 17 people have also performed in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Poland, Taiwan, China, Israel and Dubai.

About Metro energy:
The motorcycle that operates with Metro energy can reach a speed of  100km/hour in 5 seconds.
It can go 1 km with 24 Metro bars.
It can go 300 Metro bar lengths with 1 Metro bar.
1 kg of Metro can transport a motorcycle that is 320 times its own weight for 1 km.

Campaign Tag:

Advertisement: Metro Energy Test 2
Advertisor: Ülker Metro
Advertisor Representative: Zekeriya Cengiz Acar, Aslı Özen Turhan, Berat Çağlar Karagöz,Alper Tunga İnce
Advertisement Agency: Alametifarika
Creative Team: Emrah Karpuzcu, Kenan Ünsal, Zeynep Ordu, Ozan Özüm Özbey, Erkul Yazgan, Seden Padır, Taner Ardalı, Özgür Öztürk, OdisseasSevsevme, Berkay Tahmaz,
Çağrı Ark, Sertuğ Alptekin.
Art Director: Tunç Ergüden
Media Agency: Mediavest
Media Planner: Zeynep Arda Çolak, Zeynep Yuvanç Uslu, Lale Dal
Director: EricCoignoux
Production Company: Dinamo - İstanbul ve Mass - Paris 
Music: Jingle House
Media Channels Used: TV, Internet, Cinema, Open-Air, Written Press


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