Ülker Albeni chooses the most alluring voices

The singing talent contest called Take Me Up To The Stage has been opened to participants on the Ülker Albeni Facebook page. The 3 people with the most alluring voices selected at the end of the competition will get the chance to get up on stage in front of influential people in the music world during the live broadcasted Turkish Music Awards. If you are confident about having an alluring voice and want to participate in the contest, all you need to do is to load your video on the Take Me Up To The Stage application of Ülker’s Albeni Facebook page.

Ülker Albeni is a captivating chocolate bar with a delicious blend of chocolate, caramel and biscuit. The flavor of Ülker Albeni was expressed with music in its newest advertisement campaign. The song by famous singers Keremcem, Özlem Tekin and Zara and the visual world created in the advertisement film describe how the flavor of Ülker Albeni captivates people.

In the “Take Me Up To The Stage” singing competition, which is a continuation of the Ülker Albeni advertisement campaign, Turkey’s 3 most alluring voices will be chosen. These three people will win the chance to get up on stage in front of influential people in the music world during the live broadcast of the Turkish Music Awards on April 11, 2013, which is sponsored by Ülker Albeni.

The winners with the best voices will be able to participate in the contest by loading their videos on the Ülker Albeni Facebook page. Applications for the contest will be accepted between February 20 and March 14, 2013. On March 15, jury members Keremcem, Özlem Tekin and Zara along with the music director in the project, Feyyaz Kuruş, will determine 15 finalists. The 15 finalists who are selected will then go on to compete in the programs broadcasted on KralPOP TV, in front of a jury, to become one of the 3 most alluring voices in the contest.

Ülker Chocolate Marketing Director Zekeriya Cengiz Acar, pointed out that their objective with this contest was to access people who enjoy music and said: “Our consumers will be able to give their support to contestants on the Albeni Facebook page by watching the videos and using the ‘support’ function. We will also organize a drawing among those who support the contestants by giving 10 people the chance to go to the Turkish Music Awards and meet celebrities back stage. Also during sales based activities we will be organizing at certain sales points, consumers will be given the opportunity to win a chance to watch the Turkish Music Awards from the audience.”

In addition to all these special prizes, thousands of people will also be getting the chance to win Albeni gift packages.