Ülker Albeni will captivate viewers with its new advertisement film

Keremcem, Özlem Tekin and Zara have transferred their Albeni harmony into music. The three singers who are featured in the new Albeni advertisement film, sing the Albeni advertisement music in their own style. Özlem Tekin starts with Rock Music, Zara continues with Turkish Folk Music and Keremcem finishes off with Pop Music. The singers show how their diverse styles in music can be in harmony.

The new Ülker Albeni advertisement film was developed to combine music and visual effects to give the feel of how Albeni’s harmonious flavors captivate people. The advertisement film of Albeni, the perfect combination of chocolate, biscuit and caramel, was structured on the theme of “harmony”. 

The idea for the campaign was derived from the concept of representing the perfect combination of chocolate, biscuit and caramel in Albeni that carries people away, with the perfect combination created by the unification of diverse music types. The plan was to bring singers from the three different genres of Turkish Folk Music, Pop and Rock together in a perfect combination for the Albeni advertisement. 

The song that was composed by Nil Karaibrahimgil, was sung in harmony by the singers from the three different genres of music. Keremcem, Özlem Tekin and Zara, three of the most liked performers of Folk Music, Pop and Rock, captured an outstanding harmony with the advertisement music that they sung together. 

The advertisement film was shot in one day, wherein Özlem Tekin represents Albeni's chocolate, Keremcem its biscuit and Zara its caramel. The artists' clothes were also designed to match this representation. 

The advertisement film was shot in a very harmonious atmosphere, just like its message, and will be released for viewing on television channels as of January 9, 2013. 

Click here for the Albeni advertisement film 

The Campaign Tag:

Advertisement Title: Albeni Harmony Campaign
Advertisement by: Ülker
Advertiser Representative: Z. Cengiz Acar, Aslı Özen Turhan, Ezgi Nur Tamdoğan
Advertisement Agency: Alametifarika
Alametifarika Creative Team: Emrah Karpuzcu, Kenan Ünsal, Erkul Yazgan, Zeynep Ordu, Ozan Özüm Özbey, OdisseasSevsevme, Taner Ardalı, Seden Padır, Berkay Tahmaz, Çağrı Ark, Sertuğ Alptekin, Başar Sarıkaya.
Media Agency: Mediavest
Media Planner: Zeynep Arda Çolak, Hüsnü Erden, Lale Dal (Ülker), Aylin Aldinç, Ayçin Tektaş, İpek Erdim (Mediavest)
Director: Özer Feyzioğlu
Production Company: 2012 Production
Music: Nil Karaibrahimgil
Media Channels Used: TV, radio, internet