Winners of Audi from Ülker Chocolate

Six lucky winners who sent the codes from their Ülker Chocolate packages won an Audi A3 automobile. One of the lucky contestants, Hüseyin Nadir Taşpolat’s daughter participated in the campaign without his knowledge. Taşpolat will sell the car and use the proceeds for his daughter’s education.

Turkey’s most famous chocolate Ülker Chocolate has made six lucky families the owners of Audi A3s. Out of those that participated in the campaign Salih Akpınar, Ömer Yılmaz, Hüseyin Nadir Taşpolat, Mehmet Emin Göksu, Ünal Zeybek and Cihad Boğaz shared happy moments with Ülker by winning a new car.

The cars were given to the lucky winners on June 25, 2012. The winners all expressed their excitement when they were told by phone that they had won.

Hüseyin Nadir Taşpolat from Polat, who won an Audi A3, said that his daughter participated in the campaign without his knowledge. Taşpolat, who expressed his great happiness to win the car said that he will not keep it but sell it and use the proceeds towards his daughter’s education.

Also, within the scope of the campaign, ten people every week won an iPhone 4S.