Ülker Çizi now has a compact size

Ülker’s leading brand in crackers, Çizi, has been made available to consumers in its new and different smaller form. The tiny snack size Çizi is now available to consumers so that they can beat their hunger with the convenient new size. Ülker Çizi, a leader of innovation in the cracker category, will be signing off on yet another first with this unique product and packaging format.

Çizi, a product that has been on the market as Turkey’s first cheesy cracker since 1985, calls out to consumers with the slogan “Snack your hunger away”. Çizi is an ideal solution to appease your hunger. Çizi is not only the most preferred cracker to appease hunger among young people in Turkey, it is also exported to 26 countries including England and Germany.

Çizi also has a strong tie with consumers in the digital media. Çizi has over 1 million fans on Facebook. With such a large audience of fans, Çizi is in the position of being the most popular brand in the fast moving consumer goods sector.