A surprise-filled workshop for children from Ülker Çokokrem …

The leading chocolate spread brand in Turkey, which says “The sweetest mornings begin with Çokokrem,” is holding a fun-filled workshop during the last two weeks of February. At the workshop, children will prepare their own bread with Çokokrem and have the opportunity to eat it, too.

Ülker Çokokrem, the most loved chocolate spread in Turkey, is holding a special workshop for children on the weekends of 18-19 and 25-26 February at the Ümraniye Meydan and Bayrampaşa Forum Real stores in Istanbul.

At the Çokokrem Workshop, children will be able to cut presliced bread into whatever shape they want with cookie cutters and cover it with Çokokrem. Then after decorating them with toppings such as crushed hazelnuts, peanuts and colored sugar, the children will have the opportunity to eat their Çokokrem creations.

A special area in the workshop has been prepared for taking photographs of children with their mothers. What’s more, it’s completely free to take part in the workshop!

Anyone buying 1 kg packages of Çokokrem, which is a perfect mix of unsurpassed Ülker chocolate, carefully selected hazelnuts and milk, will receive a free “Ay Presesi” DVD.

Make sure you don’t miss the fun-filled Çokokrem workshop!