Another first for Ülker Hanımeller: Hanımeller Burma (Twists)

Hanımeller products taste as if your own mother had made them, and the two new Burma brands filled with almond or hazelnut paste are certainly no exception.

Ülker is greeting 2008 with a new cookie. Hanımeller Burma… each time you eat it, the flavor, freshness and rich ingredients of the product will remind you of the cookies your mother makes.  Hanımeller’s new Burma, is a soft cookie in the shape of a twisted wreath – a first in Turkey.

Hanımeller Burma is the first cookie with almond paste baked inside.  Burma’s melt-in-your- mouth goodness tastes as fresh and delicious as your own mother’s baking.  The almond or hazelnut filling of these two varieties from Hanımeller make them ideal alternatives to serve with tea to your guests.

Hanımeller, which is the segment leader, continues to expand its product portfolio each year by offering innovative and unique cookies to consumers.