Ülker İçim milk is on track to the EU

Ak Gıda completed the first delivery of milk to Greece from the Lüleburgaz plant on Monday, May 27 after obtaining the milk export license.
With the biggest milk processing capacity in Turkey and in the surrounding region,  Ak Gıda completed the first delivery to Greece after obtaining milk and dairy products export license to the European Union. Work is also underway for delivery to Germany from the Lüleburgaz plant.  

Ülker İçim brand milk was shipped out on Monday, May 27 from the Lüleburgaz plant, which opened in 2009. The facility collects milk from the Thrace region and has a processing capacity of 500 tons per day. 

 On April 1, 2013, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock approved the initial permits and announced that six companies, including AK Gıda, could export milk and dairy products to EU countries. Ak Gıda completed the first delivery seven weeks later.

Mehmet Tütüncü, President of the Food and Beverage Group of Yıldız Holding, expressed great delight for being among the companies with a license to export milk and dairy products to the EU countries.  "We performed the first export to Greece on May 27. Our goal is the continue dairy product exports to select countries in Europe by adding new product varieties. Germany is set to become the second export country. We want to main continuity in the business, ” he said.

Tütüncü stated their objective is to increase their market share of the current products as well as bringing product diversity to the Middle Eastern and Gulf countries where they are already strong in the milk and dairy products category. He continued, "I would like to extend my thanks to everyone for their efforts in this project, beginning with the architects of the export license to the European Union, Mehdi Eker, Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, and to the Packaged Milk and Dairy Products Industrialists Association (ASUD).  The European Union has now accepted that we hold the same standards. This is a significant advantage for our country and our companies."

Ak Gıda with numbers

o 4000 ton/day capacity
o 11 percent share in total milk production
o Total investment of 372 million Turkish lira 
o Five production facilities 
o Total revenues of 1.3 billion Turkish lira
o Total number of personnel; 1,800
o Milk purchases from 43 cities in six regions 
o 720 milk collection centers 
o 2.9 million products per day 
o Economic value is created for 267,000 people 
o 3 billion Turkish lira contributed to the economy