The Ülker Metro Energy Test University Tour began in Trabzon

University students to produce energy with Ülker Metro …,

The first stop of the Metro Energy Test Tour of 10 Turkish Universities, in which the university students will produce energy by pedaling bicycles, is Trabzon Karadeniz Technical University …

Ülker Metro takes a step forward in its ambition to become the first brand to make a commercial film by producing electricity with human energy and invites students to produce energy by pedaling bicycles. The Metro Energy Test will utilize the energy that will be created by 50,000 students from 10 Turkish universities by pedaling bicycles. The Metro Energy Test first met with students in Trabzon Karadeniz Technical University. Students will be able to go and produce energy by pedaling bicycles until Friday, November 25, 2011 at the Metro stand located on the Foreign Language Education Center Festival Field.

Students are offered tea and coffee made with the water heated by the specially designed system that, by eating Metro and pedaling, converts the energy they produce to electricity. Participating students who successfully produce the determined amount of energy will also have the opportunity to win a T20 mobile phone and a voice call card worth 20 TL from Turkcell.

The students will also be contributing to a social responsibility project as they produce energy. Their contributions will help in the building of basketball courts for 5 schools that will be chosen from Turkey’s Eastern regions.

The tour route for the rest of the project where 50,000 people will experience the Metro energy is as follows:

Eskişehir Anadolu University 28 November – 2 December
Süleyman Demirel University 5-9 December
Konya Selçuk University 12-16 December
Çukurova University 19-23 December
AkdenizUniversity 26 – 30 December
Ege University 2-6 January
Dokuz Eylül University 9-13 January
Marmara University 6-10 February
Istanbul Technical University 13 – 17 February