Ülker recognized as a “Good Life Brand” for the third time

Ülker, the leading brand in the food industry, has been successfully listed as the leader in the Snacks Category for the third time in a row in the “Good Life Brands 2020 Survey” held by Nielsen on behalf of Sustainable Brands Turkey.

Focusing on the lifestyle, consumption habits, and values that redefine and shape the concept of “good life” of Turkish consumers, “Good Life Brands 2020 Survey” has listed Ülker as the leader of the Snacks category for the third time in a  row.

Held by Nielsen on behalf of Sustainable Brands Turkey with the aim of revealing brands related to good life, the survey asked consumers: “What is the company or brand that most supports consumers to achieve a good life?” As a result of the survey, Ülker has successfully been selected the leader for the third time in a row.

Ülker Turkey CMO Aslı Özen Turhan and Ülker Operational Excellence, OHS, Quality and Sustainability Vice President Süheyl Aybar attended the digital award ceremony on behalf of Ülker.

Aslı Özen Turhan delivered a speech during the ceremony and said: “It is very important that we have been entitled to this award for the third time in a row. We manage iconic brands that have a major place in the lives of many people in Turkey. Our priority is to maintain our focus on consumers, closely monitor their needs and requests, contribute to their happiness. We gladly see that Ülker is the most favorite brand of consumers thanks to its superior product quality, focus on new product development and innovation, importance attached to customer satisfaction, extensive product range, and responsibility towards our society. During the pandemic, we continued our production uninterruptedly, supported social projects, and maintained our contact with consumers by paying great attention to the 14 rules issued by the Ministry of Health as well as extra rules and by closely monitoring the directives of all ministries. We will continue to work hard to accompany our consumers on their journey to good life.”

Underlining that Ülker has significant sustainability practices in addition to contributing to good life and the national economy, Süheyl Aybar said: “We support Turkey’s sustainable development strategy with our exports, employment and investments. Sustainability forms the basis of our way of doing business. We devised our 2024 roadmap in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development model and set our goals accordingly. We take firm steps to reach these goals and disclose them in our annual sustainability reports.”