Ülker’s “Women’s Matinee” entertained 6 thousand people

Ülker brought together 6 thousand women consumers at the “Women’s Matinee” on January 16 with famous celebrities Sibel Can, Nükhet Duru and Mehmet Ali Erbil

The famous singers Sibel Can, Nükhet Duru, Mehmet Ali Erbil and Harem Ritim Grubu, gave a concert at the Ülker Sports Arena on January 16, 2013, in which consumers had an amazing time. 

The fun started in the morning at the “Women’s Matinee”. At 10:30 consumers got together at the surprise filled Ülker Joy Street where they could find a number of Ülker brands together and  try new products while they filled in time until the concert. 

The stage was specially decorated in a nostalgic format reminiscent of old gazino stages for the Women’s Matinee. In the show that was hosted by Mehmet Ali Erbil and made more colorful with his shows and competitions,  Sibel Can and Nükhet Duru brought the entertainment to a peak with their  lively music. The surprise duet by Sibel Can, Nükhet Duru and Mehmet Ali Erbil made its mark on the enjoyable concert.
20 lucky consumers who won in a drawing also got the chance to meet the celebrities in person and have their pictures taken together.