Ülker Smartt invites kids to plant flowers during the midterm holiday

Ülker’s kids brand Ülker Smartt’s 5th annual midterm holiday activity will bring color to the world of children. The natured themed activity will visit 6 provinces in Turkey.

Ülker Smartt is inviting children to the activity called “I am growing up with Smartt and I am making nature grow” included in the “Midterm Holiday Fun” in which Bugs Bunny and friends will also be participating. 

Ülker Smartt is turning the nature theme into a fun activity for students during the midterm holiday. Ülker Smartt will be getting together with kids between January 25th and February 17th at the Forum shopping centers in İstanbul, Denizli, Ankara, Kayseri, Nevşehir and Trabzon in the specially prepared winter gardens. 

First children will plant the seed cards comprised of various flowers, which they are given along with their cubes and flavored milk, in pots in the Ülker Smartt winter garden. After watering the newly planted seed cards from pumps, they will bring daylight to the plants by using bicycle generated energy. Photographs will be taken of the fun times they share with Bugs Bunny and friends so they can go home with many fond memories. The seed cards will continued to be handed out with Ülker Smartt products until March. Kids will be able to do this activity in their own homes as well. 

Nearly 250 thousand people have been hosted in the activities organized by Ülker Smartt since 2009. In the 20 schools where Ülker Smartt worked towards raising environmental awareness last year by giving support to Tetra Pak’s, “Little Things Renew Nature” educational sessions about the environment and was able to reach 6000 students and consequently 6000 parents.

More information about the “I am growing with Ülker Smartt and I am making nature grow” activity is available on the Ülker Smartt facebook page

Locations and dates
Istanbul- Forum Istanbul January 25-26-27, 2013, Denizli- Forum Çamlık-January 29-30, 2013, Ankara- Forum Ankara Outlet- February 1-2-3, 2013, Kayseri- Forum Kayseri February 5-6, 2013, Trabzon- Forum Trabzon- February 8-9-10, 2013, Nevşehir- Forum Kapadokya February16-17, 2013