He sent a password to Ülker and won a BMW Z4 on his birthday

Ten customers who sent in passwords that they found in Ülker Albeni, Metro, Rodeo, Piko or Coco Star products have each won a BMW Z4 automobile. Another 840 people won an Apple iPod Nano and 70 more people won an Asus Laptop. Millions of Turkcell units were also given out to participants of the campaign. Erol Toksun, who received the news that he had won the grand prize on his birthday, had two reasons to celebrate…

Winners in the final four weeks of the “I’ve never seen anything like it” campaign sponsored by Ülker Albeni, Metro, Rodeo, Piko and Coco Star have received their prizes.  Among the grand prize winners who sent in passwords found on Ülker product wrappers were Mehmet Ali Idık, Baki Şahin, Erol Toksun and Onur Özbek.

On Saturday, February 9, 2008, a ceremony attended by Yıldız Holding Customer Relationship and Distribution Channel Coordination Director, Tevfik Arıkan was held to present the 10 lucky winners with keys to their new BMW Z4 automobiles.

Erol Toksun who lives in Izmir got the news that he had won one of the grand prizes on his birthday.  He said he had celebrated the win and his birthday together.

A different part of the campaign was a daily draw for an Asus laptop computer. Also, each hour the contestant who was the first to send in the most passwords during the preceding hour was presented with an Apple iPod Nano.  Every day 12 people were awarded Asus laptops – that means that a total of 840 people won computers during the course of the campaign. Millions of Turkcell cell phone units were also given out as prizes.