Çiziviç Vending Machines for a “tweet” in Universities

Ülker Çiziviç’s special twitter programmed vending machines are touring universities to provide some fun for students. This application, the first of its kind in the world to dispense a Çiziviç for every tweet sent, is going from campus to campus.

When students sent a tweet containing the word “Çiziviç” in it with the touchmatic screen vending machine specially prepared for Çiziviç, they received various prizes. This special machine was available for young people at Istanbul University, Istanbul Technical University, Marmara University, Anadolu University, Hacettepe University, Ankara University, Uludağ University, Ege University, Dokuz Eylül University and the Yıldız Technical University throughout the month of May. There was always a line in front of the vending machine due to popular interest from the students.

Ülker Çiziviç, on the market since 2006, is a unique product with cream cheese between two Çizi crackers. The Çiziviç promotion emphasizes that it is “extra filling,” calling out to consumers with the slogan “if it’s going to be awhile till dinner, have a snack and really satisfy your hunger.”