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Türkiye’s long established, strong, domestic national brand: Ülker

‘Ülker,’ one of Türkiye’s oldest established, strongest domestic national brands, has a history dating back to 1944. Established by the late Ülker brothers, Sabri and Asım in Eminönü’s Nohutçu Han, the strength of the Ülker brand has grown through time to our resent day. Representing both the traditional and the future at the same time, Ülker is a brand that proudly adapts to the sociological and economic developments of the society where it was born, such that, Ülker’s renewal and change are like a never ending-journey.

Ülker is at the very heart of society, accompanying happy family moments and feelings of trust, sincerity, and closeness. Ülker’s communication channels with its consumers are always open, and it prioritizes the principles of transparency in all its activities.

With its corporate culture, which is always looking for the newest and the best, Ülker has adopted the principle of fulfilling its promise of production quality for its consumers and stands out not just with its promises but also with its actions as well. With our its emphasis on innovation, we continue to set standards in the sector in all areas of business, from production to technology, and from R&D to innovation.

All brand research performed so far reveals that people of all ages have memories and stories about Ülker. Some remember the happy moments they have had with Ülker products dating back to their childhood to the present day while, others are discovering current brands. The values attributed to Ülker by consumers and society make our brand unique. Ülker As Ülker, we share values with the new generation keeping up with the latest trends in determining our roadmap with the knowledge of what the young generation is looking for.

Known only for our biscuits in our early years, we as Ülker have introduced consumers our new chocolate products, wafers and other chocolates since 1970: Mini-cakes, milk, and vegetable oil since 1990; and products in different fields such as kitchen products and beverages since 2000. Ülker has also contributed to the development and maintenance of many subsidiary brands in the market.

Today, hundreds of brands grow under Ülker’s main brand to reach consumers. These brands maintain their stronghold in the food industry, sharing Ülker’s values and offering a wide range of products from biscuits to chocolate, from candies to chewing gum, and from vegetable oil to coffee.

Since 1944, the corporate culture and principles established under the name. Ülker in the industry, management, marketing, trade, advertising and relations with society carry. Ülker to being beyond a famous brand.