Ülker Innovation Center

Innovation means everything to us.  We could not come up with new products or production technology/techniques without R&D. We focus on making quality products that place smiles on the faces of our customers. We study their taste profiles and consumption habits and, we ask them what they expect from us and our products in order to, invest further according to results, whatever the resource may be.

Over 90,000 Consumer Interviews, 100 Consumer Tests, and 70 New Products…

Every year, our Customer & Market Research Team gives over 90,000 Ülker customers roughly a hundred different tests with the objective to find out what they need and want from us.  We then take what We learn from them and speedily transform that into delicious products you can not find anywhere else on earth.  It is all about what is trending.

Since 2019, We have launched (and re-launched) over seventy Ülker Chocolates, Ülker Chocolate Wafers, Hanımeller,  Albenis, O’lalas, Biskrems, Ülker Creams, and Çizi products, including chocolate bars, biscuits, crackers, mini-cakes, chewing gumsgum, and candiescandy.

We have always produced all of our products under the most high-tech and hygienic of conditions, at the highest of standards from day one. That is how We will continue to serve with the same endeavor since day one.

We work around the clock to ensure that every bite you take places a smile on your face. 😊