Launched in 1944, Ülker humbly began out of a small workshop in Istanbul, under very challenging circumstances. Today, we produce over 300 different products from our 10 factories in 4 countries, and export to over 100 countries around the world.  Ülker is Türkiye’s and the Middle East’s largest food company as well as the largest success story.

In the production journey that started with biscuits, Ülker has been producing such iconic brands as Pötibör (biscuits), Çikolatalı Gofret (chocolate wafer), Çokomilk, Çokonat (chocolate with nuts), Çokoprens (chocolate coookie), and Halley (chocolate covered marshmallows). Ülker continues to be a source of happiness for its consumers with every bite.

We are always busy expanding our range of products including but not limited to: Chocolate: chocolate, mini cakes, gum, and hard/soft candy. Türkiye’s number one “good life brand” when it comes to food - to the point that We ranked first on the Good Life Brands Survey three times consecutively in 2020. What is our secret?  Why, it is our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, of course! (Three values we have held near and dear since day one!)

As Türkiye’s leading publicly traded food producer, We are aware of our responsibility to all our investors and all our stakeholders.

As well as being a role model, We add great value for our great nation (i.e. Türkiye) with every product We export and every job We create.  Better still, at the core of our business strategy lies a zero-waste policy. We invest heavily in R&D and innovation, and are constantly trying to boost our capacity and how much We export so that We can move ever closer to truly becoming a worldwide name.

We are mindful that We add value to all of our stakeholders. We are also conscious of the fact that the world’s resources are not going to last forever. Therefore, we have embraced sustainability with every move undertaken and create we crate our business models accordingly.

Our deep-rooted sense of duty to the [Turkish] society lies at the heart of every last product.We manufacture there by flourishing our long-standing popularity. Market research and the many awards we have won backs that up.  We want to live up the​ expectations of our consumers and the world  and to​ continue placing  smiles on faces of all of our customers, suppliers, and employees.

As the leading food company of  Türkiye, We vow to continue to contribute to the Turkish economy with our production, exports and employment. As in the past, we will add value for our nation and all stakeholders without sacrificing from excellence.