Taste that enhances your conversation!

With its unique shape, delicious strawberry jelly and chocolate cake, it will accompany your tea-time and deepen the conversations with every bite!

Dankek Baton

The mini-cake that loves tea!

By your side with you at tea time with its soft cake and delicious varieties.

Dankek Roll Cake

Always ready for family and unexpected guests!

A soft angel-cake roll with equally as soft and scrumptuous cream that comes in endless different flavors. Always ready for unexpected guests or simplyto enjoy it with family or during TV time!

Dankek Lokmalık

Dankek: Delectable dazzle without the hassle!

Dankek Lokmalık Family: Marvelous mini cakes that are perfect for whenever, wherever!

Dankek Pöti

You can enjoy Pöti when you are hungry or during break times with its soft cake and delicious varieties.


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