A chocolate transfer

F.Bahçe President Yıldırım goes to Spain for Ronaldinho and Eto... If an agreement can be reached for the two stars, Ülker will invest 40 million Euros.

While we were waiting for a bomb to burst at the end of the season, Fenerbahçe was getting ready to set off two bombs at once. It was announced that, after the Chelsea game, Fenerbahçe President Aziz Yıldırım accompanied Neşet Yalçın, first to Zurich and then to Barcelona, to meet with two world renowned Barcelona players, Ronaldinho and Eto. Representatives of the club who took part in the discussions were its Technical Secretary Beguiristain and Vice President Ingla. At the request of Yıldırım, no announcements to the press will be issued. The managers who received Fenerbahçe’s offers said they would consult with their executive council. Ronaldinho could be a free agent for the price of 18 million Euros. An offer was made to Eto in the amount of 5 million Euros. It was learned that at the present time Eto is earning a net annual amount from Sambaciya of 6 million Euros and his transfer fee is 15 million Euros.


The amount needed for the first phase, including managerial fees, 40 million Euros. A short time ago it was suggested that the financier for this venture would be the international chocolate manufacturer, Ülker Group.   According to the claim, Ülker will present either Ronaldhino or Eto, or both, to Fenerbahçe as a gift, in exchange for advertising and sponsorship rights to the two players. If the transfer goes through, Ülker is expected to also acquire star players for G.Saray and Beşiktaş.

Roberto Carlos called to Istanbul

Allegedly, Fenerbahçe player Roberto Carlos has stepped in for Ronaldinho. According to sources, Carlos took his countryman aside and told him, “F.Bahçe is one of the greatest teams in Europe; it’s got everything. If you transfer here I hope you will find a better atmosphere.” Ronaldinho's response was "Of course I could come to Turkey. In Europe a lot of clubs can’t bear to hear my name. They want me to forget football and pull me into other things.  I am definitely not saying its “impossible” for F.Bahçe".

Next year we need to get a mid-fielder and a forward

Technical director Zico, who has not been told for certain whether he will continue with F.Bahçe, made some interesting comments after yesterday’s training session.  Talking about the club’s adventure in the Champions League, the Brazilian master said, “We’re hungry for more.  Whether I am still here next year or not, the club has to get a good mid-fielder and a center-forward. ” The technical veteran also indicated that there will be a meeting next week about his own situation, saying “I don’t think there will be any problems.” Zico pointed out that Fenerbahçe was in 5th place, and was the only team eliminated in the quarter finals to win one of their games.  

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