Sponsorship Statutes

Another criticism leveled at the Turkish Football Federation authorities was in regard to the organization of statuses and rights connected to sponsorships.

The present organization is unsatisfactory since there is no ways for the consumer to know which organizations are main sponsors, which of them are official sponsors and how much each sponsor contributes. Ülker Corporate Communications Director Zuhal Şeker says, “In other countries, the National Teams have a similar number of sponsors. However, the organization of the firms’ sponsorship statuses and a parallel list of their rights are what differentiate them from each other.” She added, “Statuses such as main sponsor, official sponsor or supply sponsor need to be organized, to clarify the status of each sponsor.  The individual rights of each sponsor should be distributed in a positive way, according to status.” As a result, statuses will be revealed by the sponsors when they are conducting their National Team communications and the effects of ambush marketing activities will be diminished. As a matter of fact the Turkish Football Federation’s new management has already begun to address this issue. A Turkish Football Federation authority announced, “The Turkish Football Federation’s new management will transform the existing pyramidal sponsorship structure into one that is much simpler.”  He continued, “Work has already begun on these matters.  The present 4-tiered structure will be abandoned and a 2-tiered structure will take its place.”

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