King of the Backboard

The yellow and navies and their fans combined in a show of force against Telekom. They achieved their goal with Ömer Onan and Solomon. The team of star players showed that they deserved to win the championship with a win and a 4-1 record in the series.

Fenerbahçe’s show of strength, the support of the fans and its talented players, especially the great performances of Ömer Onan and Solomon, were too much for the Türk Telekom team.  Fenerbahçe won the 5th game in the series by a score of 90-79 to finish the series against Türk Telekom, 4 games to 1.  This is the second championship in a row for Fenerbahçe and its third league championship.

Man of the Match, Ömer Onan

If one were to make short technical analysis of the game, the Fenerbahçe Ülker players Ömer Aşık, Semih Oğuz and Rasim played well under the backboard to give their team a great advantage over Telekom’s taller Dudley, Lang and Chris. Ömer Aşık’s defensive performance under the hoop was especially effective in keeping Telekom players away from the area and preventing them from scoring. Solomon finished the game with 10 assists and ten points and his synchronization with Kinsley staved off the efforts of the Ankara team.
The cooperation of the Fenerbahçe Ülker players in the offensive zone was especially remarkable. In my opinion the player who made the most contribution to the team during the play-off series, both defensively and offensively, was Ömer Onan.  His defensive play yesterday and the 20 points he scored, made him the hero of the game. Telekom’s players surrendered to Fenerbahçe easily and allowed 90 points to be scored against them.  

Rewards of the system

If you ask me, the most important factor in Fenerbahçe’s winning of the championship was the system.  The support that F.Bahçe got from Ülker and the earmarking a portion of its sponsorship budget only for basketball made a great impression on Turkish basketball, just as it did in the previous year. A large part of the credit must also go to President Aziz Yıldırım, vice president Mahmut Uslu and branch manager Semih Özsoy. F.Bahçe Ülker, which has a 10,000 spectator potential, has shown in this championship series that this system will continue for a long period. Our other clubs need to take this system as an example. I congratulate everyone who worked so hard for this championship.

The cup was brought to club president Yıldırım

Fenerbahçe fans who wished to join in the celebration of the team’s championship rushed to Abdi Ipekçi and cheered their team enthusiastically during the confrontation.  As the yellow and navy team came on to the court, they were met with fans cheers of  “champions!” and training coach Tanjevic was given a standing ovation by the crowd.  After the match was over, as the fans were enjoying the team’s victory, Federation president Turgay Demirel presented the cup to team captain Demir Kaan who then brought it to F.Bahçe president Aziz Yıldırım.

Uslu: 2 more years, and we’ll be on top in Europe

After the championship game, Fenerbahçe Club Vice President Mahmut Uslu stated, “We have been rewarded for the faith and trust that we placed on these young men. We will continue to support these kids.  With this team, within 2 years we will bring the biggest cup in Europe to Turkey.”

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