2 New Varieties Of “Dankek Çikolatalım” (Let’s Get Chocolatey) is now on Grocery Shelves

Dankek’s new product, “Dankek Çikolatalım” is now available in two varieties. “Dankek Çikolatalım” is a combination of moist cake with a center filled with chocolate or caramel sauce under a coating of real chocolate.

The slogan for the product is “Cake leavened with enjoyment and filled with chocolate”.  The caramel and chocolate varieties of Dankek Çikolatalım are addictive. The chocolate variety contains 40% chocolate while the caramel variety contains 35% chocolate.

Dankek Çikolatalım, 8Kek, Magma, Choco and many other brands/product varieties of moist cakes combined with delicious real sauces are irresistible.