Holosko, Stoch and Elmander, came together for Ülker Metro

The three star players for Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray came together for Ülker Metro. Holosko, Stoch and Elmander, who participated in the closing ceremony of the Metro Energy Test program, handed out signatures to students.

The Metro Energy Test, which has been continuing since November, touring 9 different universities in Turkey to show students how to produce energy with a bicycle, was concluded with various activities at the Istanbul Technical University Ayazağa Campus. The closing ceremony held on Wednesday February 22, was attended by Beşiktaş’s Holosko, Fenerbahçe’s Stoch and Galatasaray’s Elmander.

The football players signed cards that had been prepared in the shape of team uniforms at the ITU Ayazağa Campus and had their pictures taken together with students.

In the closing activities which lasted all day, students were also given the opportunity to watch interesting performances in the Charisma Show and win prizes in various games.

About the Metro Energy Test:

Ülker Metro has become the first brand in the world for which the advertisement was filmed using human energy. For five days, 36 bicyclers who had eaten Metro turned the pedals to generate the power needed by cameras and lights to film the advertisement. The ITU Energy Institute prepared the infrastructure needed to produce energy for the film and made sure that the energy was stored in the correct way and used in good measure.

The Metro Energy Test started visiting the universities around Turkey in November to enable students to produce energy with bicycles. With the Metro Energy Test, 90 thousand students in 9 universities throughout Turkey produced energy by bicycle. Within the scope of the project the Black Sea Technical University, Eskişehir Anatolia, Süleyman Demirel, Konya Selçuk, Çukurova, Mediterranean, Aegean, Dokuz Eylül and Istanbul Technical Universities were visited. Students were served tea and coffee with water heated by energy that was produced by the pedal-turning of students eating Metro. Also when students were able to produce a certain amount of energy they won T20 phones from Turkcell and 20 TL calling cards.

Students will provide a contribution to a social responsibility project with the energy they have produced. 5 schools, which have been chosen in Eastern Turkey, will have basketball courts thanks to the contributions of the university students.

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