Ömer Onan Challenges You!

The “energy” sponsor of the World Basketball Championship, Ülker Metro, has a new product, Metro Large Size, now available on store shelves.

There are other surprises for basketball fans in the TV commercial made to promote Metro Large Size chocolate bars from the stars of the commercial, Ömer Onan and Mirsad Türkcan. Fans that enter the www.enerjinigoster.com web site will have a chance to play a game of one-on-one with Ömer Onan. Participants who answer a skill-testing question about basketball after they play the game will have a chance to win tickets to a championship game and a football autographed by Ömer Onan.

Show Your Energy Contest Facebook Application
On the Metro Facebook fan page, there are regular daily question and answer contests that will be organized to provide fans with chances to win tickets to a championship game. http://apps.facebook.com/metroenerjinigoster/

iPhone Application – Basketball Energy
Download the Metro Basketball Energy Application to your iPhone and go crazy with the ball! You may have a chance to win a basketball autographed by Ömer Onan! http://itunes.apple.com/tr/app/metro-basketball-enerjisi/id385434507