Now Is The Time To Share Individual-Size Albeni

Now is the Time to Share Individual-Size Albeni

Ülker Albeni has introduced two new more varieties to the market: Albeni Tane Tane and Albeni Ince Ince… To share with someone you love …

the perfect combination f biscuit, caramel and chocolate - Ülker Albeni – is now available in two more flavors...  The new products Albeni Tane Tane and Albeni Ince Ince have a new format and you won’t be able to put them down.

Albeni Tane Tane is a unique product with an unusual package.  These round fresh cookies surrounded by caramel and wonderful Ülker chocolate have a new shape. Albeni Tane Tane’s delicious balls are easy to share with your friends.

Another Albeni product to share with your friends comes in the form of four thin sticks.  Albeni Ince Ince is always good to keep on hand for those enjoyable moments.