Ülker Probis now in snack size

The Ülker Probis product that has been enjoyed by consumers for many years is now available to consumers in its brand new snack size. Probis, a product that won over consumers with the phrase “they need Probis biscuits fortified with protein so that they can grow and develop” has today become an irreplaceable indispensable product for children and adults alike.

Probis, a delicious protein fortified biscuit with banana cream, which has captured a distinct flavor in the biscuit category, has not neglected to take into account the requests coming in from consumers too.

Ülker considered the suggestions coming in from Probis fans saying “Can you produce Probis in a snack size?” and “If only you could make it in a snack size, we could eat it to our content” and released the new roll form of the product into the market in line with consumer demands. Particularly with the new snack form, Probis provides longer lasting pleasure and puts a smile on all the Probis fans' faces. 

Probis’s Facebook page, where followers continued to keep up with Probis, there is a fan group of 60,000 people. Ülker has announced this new product in the digital platform where 50 of the people who sent the newprobisislifehastag and received the most retweets were given the chance to be the first to taste the new product. In this campaign, the lucky followers captured the chance to get a taste of the new product before everyone else.