Ülker’s codes

A&S:  The logo of the company that was established to produce Ülker’s Pötibör biscuits was designed using the letters A and S. The letters on the logo were the initials of the first names of Sabri and Asım Berksan (their surname at that time).  Asım and Sabri Ülker have been the architects of the brand name for 67 years.

No 111: This was the industrial code of the first Ülker Pötibör biscuits that the brothers manufactured.  “Factory 111 manufactures and consumers eat Ülker Pötibör”.

Nohutçu Han: The first Ülker Pötibör biscuits were manufactured at this location. Today it is an empty lot.  The empty lot behind the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce building, which is used today by Ticaret University, was the place where, in 1944, there was a commercial building called Nohutçu Han. That was the birthplace of the Ülker brand.

Safiye Erol’s novel:
During the first years of the republic, Safiye Erol was a popular author who wrote modern novels.  In 1938 his first work, “Kadıköyü'nün Romanı” (Kadiköy’s Novel) was published.  A second novel was published in 1944, with the title of “Ülker Fırtınası”  (The Ülker Storm).  That year, even though Sabri Ülker was busy with his biscuit factory, he found time to read.  One of the novels he happened to read was Erol’s second novel. The name that had been chosen for the new biscuit factory in Nohutçu Han was ‘Three Star Biscuits’. Sabri Ülker, who was searching for a new name for his products, was inspired by the title of the popular novel. The dictionary meaning of the word Ülker was appropriate - “Taurus Constellation”.  In those days, the idea of a ‘yüksek istikbal’ (bright future) was popular.  Ülker, and its future, were as bright as its new name.

Red & Blue:
For many years, the color of the Ülker logo was alternately red and blue.  At times it was both red and blue … The decision to use red was finally made- after all, red is the favorite color in Turkey.

Bakkal Amca (Corner Grocer): If it hadn’t been for corner grocers, Ülker couldn’t have survived. Corner grocers are legendary and, in their day, they served as many customers as large supermarkets do today. Bins of Ülker products placed in front of corner grocery stores had a greater effect on consumers than some of the modern advertising campaigns produced today. Who could forget the rows and rows of bins stacked in the front windows of those stores?

mi fa sol sol fa mi re mi:  If you know a little about musical notes, you will recognize the notes of an Ülker jingle which consumers used to hum regularly - “Daddy, don’t forget to bring Ülker home”. The music for the jingle was composed by Süheyl Denizci and the lyricist was Nuri Gamsız.

Mothers and fathers:  “Daddy, don’t forget to bring Ülker home”… It’s a phrase that summarizes the bond that exists among the Ülker brand name, children and their parents.  Ülker products have always been reasonably priced. Fathers or mothers on their way home from work could always afford an Ülker product to bring home to their children.

Love:  Children eventually grow up. That’s what happened.  They grew up and fell in love.   For children who asked their fathers to bring home Ülker, it’s time for them to express love in their own way with Ülker products. The Ülker brand means, “If you are in love or have ever been … now is the time”.  Sometimes love is mischievous!  “Chocolate is like love… Sometimes nuts fall into it”…

Happy Moments: Ülker celebrated its 65th anniversary in 2009 by commemorating the many “happy moments” that Ülker products have been part of over the years.  It seems that people of all ages have a happy memory associated with an Ülker brand product. A product from Ülker has sometimes been the sole witness to many of those happy moments.