Our country, known for producing the finest and highest quality hazelnuts globally, holds the title of being the most significant hazelnut producer, and we aim to maintain this position. As a leading food company, we prioritize local and national supply, and we expand our efforts while recognizing the importance of sustainable agriculture.

We believe that biodiversity, which plays a crucial role in agricultural product diversity worldwide  should be protected through the promotion of sustainable farming practices. Consequently, we collaborated with an international foundation in 2015 to create the "Sustainable Hazelnut Agriculture" report. This report aimed to support biodiversity in our country, focusing on hazelnut production and farming, whereas hazelnut is extensively utilized in our products.

The report assessed the current state of hazelnut farming in Giresun, including agricultural inventory and distribution areas. Subsequently, we devised solutions to ensure hazelnut production in harmony with nature. The selected pilot area in Giresun underwent various capacity-building activities and good agricultural practices are being implemented.

Since 2015, we have intensified our efforts and continue our journey with our new vision: "Beyond Hazelnut." As part of our project, we recently conducted a training program on June 3, 2023, at our Giresun factory in collaboration with Özgün Gıda, one of our primary suppliers. During this program, we informed hazelnut farmers about sustainable farming techniques, hazelnut pests, extensive wide plant control, and diseases. Subsequently, we examined and showcased good agricultural practices in our hazelnut orchard at the factory.

We remain committed to supporting our farmers' empowerment and promoting local socioeconomic development.


We feel a responsibility towards the society, so we seek out collaborations to develop projects for “tomorrow’s happiness.”