From farm to the shelf, our objective is to accomplish zero loss and zero waste. Our goal is sustainable growth, which prevents loss of resources at all times, not just during the manufacturing and supply processes. Since 1944, we have been committed to a waste-free business model and reducing food losses at the source.

We continue to use methods of continuous improvement that are widely accepted as we work towards zero loss. We take a comprehensive approach to our supply chain through operational excellence, consistently reducing our losses. In line with our zero waste target, we achieved a 97% recycling rate for our total waste in 2022.

We effectively transformed 99% of raw materialsinto finished products, placing us among the world's best performers. The waste generated from our factory is repurposed as raw materials for various other businesses, such as packaging, construction materials, and biodiesel. Additionally, some of our products discarded in production are also recovered as animal feed.

We provide support to our suppliers in enhancing their processes to prevent losses at  source. Our sales, distribution, and logistics operations adhere to a zero-defect quality program. We maintain continuous oversight of all warehouse and dealer standards, proactively mitigating losses associated with storage and distribution. Through consistent efforts, we reduced returned packaging products below 1%., successfully

Collaborations aimed at preserving food and reducing waste are also one of our top priorities. It is our pleasure to be among the supporters of the "Save Your Food, Preserve Your Table" campaign, initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in partnership with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).


We feel a responsibility towards the society, so we seek out collaborations to develop projects for “tomorrow’s happiness.”