We are very aware that agriculture is critical to our being able to sustain our corporate activities – this given that we collect all of our raw ingredients directly from the soil. Our great nation [Turkey] holds an important place on the world stage because of how diverse its agricultural products are. We think that we must preserve biodiversity – and the way to do that is to support sustainable agriculture. Therefore, we teamed up with WWF-Turkey back in 2015 to launch the “Sustainable Hazelnut Farming” Project so that we could give Turkey’s hazelnut farmers a leg up as well as help conserve our nation’s biodiversity. Our products, likewise, wouldn’t be the same without hazelnuts!

Turkey grows 73% of world’s hazelnuts – making it the largest hazelnut producer on Earth. Through our Sustainable Hazelnut Farming project, we’ve so far done a number of things to boost our nation’s hazelnut output. We’ve also set up pilot gardens to study and safeguard hazelnuts – and the biodiversity associated with hazelnuts – in their natural habitats – namely the province of Giresun. We’re working closely with hazelnut farmers to teach them about sustainable farming techniques, thereby supporting them alongside local socio-economic development as well.

We put together and published report that shows Giresun’s due diligence when it comes to hazelnut farming. We’ve also set up both a farming inventory and a spread area for hazelnut crops. All of the above has enabled us to come up ways to make hazelnut farming more environmentally friendly, as well as to popularize good practices and capacity building on select pilot areas in and around Giresun.


We feel a responsibility towards the society, so we seek out collaborations to develop projects for “tomorrow’s happiness.”