The project prepared by the "Cookie Monsters" team for "Ülker Hanımeller" won the first place at 'bizz@kampüs', where the innovative marketing ideas developed by the 3rd, 4th year and graduate students of universities for Ülker's most popular brands competed.

Organized for the 10th time this year, the award ceremony of 'bizz@kampüs', where 3rd, 4th year university students and graduate students compete with innovative marketing ideas for the Ülker Hanımeller brand, was held online. More than 10 thousand teams and more than 30 thousand students have participated in bizz@kampüs, where 1556 teams and 3704 students from 180 different universities applied this year.

While the project of the "Cookie Monsters" team formed by Galatasaray University Industrial Engineering students Ekin Ömür and Nagihan Aslanhan was selected for the first place in the competition, the project of the "Young Head" team, founded by Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University Industrial and Management Engineering Department students Melisa Şimşek, Melih Çalım and Çağla Çalışkan, won the second prize, the project of the "Süper Limonlar" team of Bahçeşehir University Advertising, Cinema and Television students Yağmur Deniz Aydın and Suhan Sürmeli was deemed worthy of the third prize. In the competition where long-term internship opportunities are also provided to the top three, the first team won 20 thousand TL, the second team won 15 thousand TL and the third team won 10 thousand TL.

We provide an experience environment for our young people in the area of marketing.

Stating that they have met thousands of students at bizz@kampüs to date, Ülker CEO Mete Buyurgan said, “With our competition, we look at the future of Ülker's most popular products through the eyes of our young people. With the feedback we receive here, we obtain important clues about how Ülker brands are positioned in the minds of our young people. Our students competed for our Biskrem, Ülker Chocolate, Ülker Chocolate Wafer, Dankek 8 Cake, Cafe Crown, Krispi, Metro, Oneo and Halley brands in the previous years. This year, the teams developed very valuable projects for our Hanımeller brand. Despite the pandemic conditions, the 29 percent increase in the number of applications has proven how important an experience bizz@kampüs is for students. I believe that the experience of our students at bizz@kampüs is an important step in their professional careers. I wish you continued success.”   

Noting that bizz@kampüs provides a unique experience for students, Buyurgan said, “The Ülker brand, which we have left behind for 77 years, is a well-established brand that refreshes the childhood memories of almost all of us and continues its dynamism and influence from past to present. The fact that we offer job opportunities in many fields from R&D to production brings us to the top of the companies that they want to apply, especially in the eyes of young people. Our project competition on talent acquisition bizz@kampüs, our internship programs and the JOB@Yıldız Holding internship and new graduate recruitment program led by Yıldız Holding are our important tools. Thanks to these programs, we place young graduates in our appropriate departments every year. We are happy to discover young talents and bring them to our company.”

Mentoring and educational support

Project presentations in the competition were evaluated by the jury members consisting of pladis Türkiye Human Resources Vice President Faruk Gözleveli, Ülker CMO Aslı Özen Turhan, Ülker Bakery and Chocolate Production Vice President Kadir Kamadan, Ülker Consumer and Market Research Türkiye Region Leader Asya Ceyhun, Ülker Bisküvi Business Unit Marketing Director Mustafa Kabakçı, Ülker Corporate Communications Director Mehmet Uçan and Journalist-Writer Elif Ergu Demiral. In the final stage, educations that will contribute to the development of young people were organized, and they were prepared for the process with a marketing-oriented webinar. Mentoring and presentation techniques educations were also given to the finalist teams.

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