2011 Brand Award Goes To Ülker

One of the most prestigious awards in the Turkish Business Community, the “Brand Award” was received by Ülker, the brand of "Happy Moments" this year.

In his speech at the award ceremony, Ülker's new generation representative Ali Ülker said, "I will take this award to my grandfather Sabri Ülker, to whom I once said 'Don't forget to bring me Ülker' every day and say ‘Grandpa look, I didn’t forget, I brought a present for you this time.’”

The Brand of the Year Award was given to Ülker in the 12th Brand Conference held by Yürekli Consulting. The new generation representative of Ülker, Yıldız Holding Deputy Chairman of the Board Ali Ülker received the award given to globally successful people and institutions that have become established as a brand in their fields. As a brand that has realized several firsts in the food industry and inspired several companies in its history of 67 years, Ülker contributed to the establishment of brands as strong as itself.

In his speech at the Award Ceremony, Ali Ülker said, “I accept this award on behalf of Ülker, all of our past and present employees that contributed to the success of our brand, millions of consumers and, especially, my grandfather Sabri Ülker, who created Ülker and brought it to where it is today. I will take this award to my grandfather, whom I once said 'Don't forget to bring me Ülker' everyday and say ‘Grandpa look, I didn’t forget, I brought a present for you this time.’”

We follow in grandpa’s footsteps
Relating that his grandfather Sabri Ülker had a very challenging childhood and therefore understood the importance of having a 'happy childhood', Ali Ülker emphasized that the Ülker brand was built on this philosophy. Underlining that the success of Ülker in becoming a brand loved by several generations is because of this, Ülker said "The close friendship of Ülker with children still continues and will continue thanks to his philosophy. We inherited not only the Ülker brand from grandpa, but also this important and valuable philosophy too. We are following in his footsteps."

It’s good to be family
Explaining that, although Ülker has changed over time, its relationship with children has been enriched even more, Ali Ülker offered that they don't only make them happy but also provide them with projects that will enrich their lives. Pointing out that those who were introduced to Ülker during their childhood have built very strong ties with the brand, Ali Ülker continued:
“Adults don’t define Ülker only with functional definitions such as taste, health and quality; they also define Ülker as a 'brand of love’. They signify it with words such as happy moments, sincerity, intimacy and family. Today, Ülker is the name of the brand that impresses everyone; children, women and men of all ages with ‘happy moments’. As you see, it’s much more than that for me. I am proud to be the grandson of a man who makes children's dreams come true.

Ülker’s brand history

•    1944: Pötibör biscuit, the first Ülker branded product, was manufactured. Pötibör biscuit is still a consumer favorite.
•    1950s: As a young brand, Ülker entered into competition with well-established brands such as Lüks, İdeal, Haylayf, Arı and Besler.
•    At the same time, bringing the products to retailers in Anatolia without any transportation charge brought Ülker forward in competition. Ülker was known throughout Türkiye then, not only in Istanbul.
•    1960s: Stepping forward with its distribution strategy, Ülker started radio advertisement in order to capture the consumer’s memory. A very valuable slogan for the Ülker brand was used in newspaper and radio advertisements, the slogan was: “You can't think of teatime without Ülker." This message empowered the brand. Ülker preferred to broadcast its radio ads after the evening agency news when everyone was listening to the radio. Therefore, it achieved wide recognition.
•    1970s: With the emergence of television, Ülker started to broadcast its ads on TV. The famous "Daddy, don't forget to bring Ülker" jingle was used frequently in TV ads and became a phenomena.
•    Started chocolate manufacturing during this time, Ülker destroyed the widespread perception of chocolate as an expensive product with its pricing policy. Writing the price on the packaging and sticking to the stated price despite the inflationary environment made chocolate a product consumed by everybody.
•    The 70s was also an era when Ülker expanded its product offerings and introduced new brands. All legends today, Çokonat, Ülker Çokoprens, Çokomel, Dido, Ülker Çikolatalı Gofret, and Halley were brands that thrived under the Ülker umbrella and established its unique identity.
•    1980s: The investment made in cellophane packaging material at the end of the 70s and beginning of the 80s was a milestone for the brand. Ülker branded products sprinted ahead in the market with modern packaging.
•    1990s: Ülker began developing a variety of category brands in cake, oil, dairy products, as well as chocolate and biscuits. It began to gain ground as an important consumer brand in its region.
•    2000s: Today Ülker continues its journey as a brand preferred for partnership by the most powerful brands in the world. It is the market leader in various markets both with its main brand and various other brands, taking steps to become global.

For further details: Leyla Şen / Yıldız Holding Corporate Communications
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