A Happy Moment with Sertab Erener

Sertab Erener will be singing the songs from her latest album “Ey Şuh-i Sertab” to Ülker customers for the first time at the Ülker Sports Arena.

Let’s go all together with Ülker to Sertab Erener’s Classical Turkish Music Concert!

For each purchase of 25TL or more on Ülker products, 2 free tickets from Ülker to the Classical Turkish Music Concert with Sertab Erener!

The famous singer Sertab Erener will sing the songs from her latest album “Ey Şuh-i Sertab” for the first time on Saturday July 14, 2012 at the Ülker Sports Arena for Ülker customers. The concert which will start at 21:00 holds the promise of a pleasant evening accompanied by the music of Sertab Erener for Ülker consumers in the amazing atmosphere of the Ülker Sports Arena. The singer will also sing a selection of pop music in classical Turkish music format during part of the concert.

Consumers will be presented instantly with two concert invitations when they make purchases of 25 TL or more at one time in any of the participating stores such as Carrefour, Migros, Real, Kiler, Çağrı, Mopaş, Rammar, Adese and Çetinkaya markets. The invitations will be distributed on June 23-24-30 and July 1-7-8, 2012 at stands in the mentioned stores.

For a concert invitation it is sufficient to make a one-time purchase of 25TL or more on Ülker Bisküvi, Ülker Kek, Ülker Çikolata, Ülker İçim, Alpella, Ülker Hero Baby, Ülker Kellogg’s, Obaçay, Çamlıca, Cola Turka, Cafe Crown, Saka Su, Superfresh, Bizim Mutfak, Luna, Ülker Ducros, Oneo, Yupo, Kremini, Bizim Yağ, Bizim Ona, Ülker Smartt, Ülker Dolcia products.

Branches of stores participating in the campaign:

Carrefour (İstinye, İçerenköy, Maltepe Park, Ümraniye, Acıbadem, Maltepe Merkez)
Migros (Ataşehir, Galleria, Capacity, Caddebostan, A. Hisarı, Optimum, Kartal Sahil, Capitol, Soyak, Cevahir, Metrocity, Merter, Starcity, Profilo, İstinye, Uphill Court, Süreyyapaşa, Buyaka, Çekmeköy, Çekmeköy Eltes, Kartal Atalar)
Real (Kartal, Ümraniye)
Kiler (Üsküdar)
Çağrı (Bulgurlu, Dudullu, Kartal)
Mopaş (Zümrütevler, Acıbadem)
Rammar (Ümraniye, Küçükyalı)
Adese (Ümraniye, Maltepe)
Çetinkaya (Dudullu)

Additional Important Information:

It is not possible to combine more than one receipt to make up a total purchase of 25TL. The Organization reserves the right to cancel or make a change in the date, location and/or time of the Sertab Erener Classical Turkish Music Concert. The invitation may not in any way be exchanged for money. The material, emotional and object responsibility and risk liability of all travel that is made during the concert and to participate in the concert belongs to the participator. The invitations that will be distributed as part of the "Sertab Erener Classical Turkish Music Concert" are not numbered. INVITATIONS RESERVED FOR THE EVENT ARE LIMITED. The holders of invitations may be seated anywhere in the Ülker Sports Arena that has been reserved for invitation holders. THE SEATS ARE NOT NUMBERED. The concert time is 21:00, the doors will open at 19:00. The organization is not responsible for any damage that may be caused by the sound system at the concert area. Children under 6 will not be admitted to the concert. Children 6 and above must have an invitation. Devices such as video cameras, photo cameras and sound recorders will not be admitted into the activity area.

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