Centennial spirit at Abdi Ipekçi

In the final matches, the latest champions Fenerbahçe Ülker were shown once again how much they are beloved by their supporters. Fenerbahçe scattered Türk Telekom all over the place and went ahead in the series with a 1–0 lead. Vidmar was a controversial starting player for the game against Telekom, but he and Dudley scored one after the other. Fenerbahçe replied to the baskets by their competitor’s shorter players. The combination of Solomon and White kept the ball out of the other side’s hands and made some quick points to go well into the lead. The last seconds of the first period saw Mirsad’s basket and the quarter ended at 25-18. Solomon’s attempts at stopping Bekir and then Barış played an important role in Telekom’s failure to score.

Fenerbahçe’s start was fantastic
The second quarter saw Williams starting for Telekom, and that players baskets reduced Fenerbahçe’s 6-point lead to only a one point.  However, Fenerbahçe was there to grab every ball that was thrown inside and at the end of every run down the court and when the Fenerbahçe threesome of Ömer Onan, Kinsey and Solomon came together, they kept the team ahead and increased the lead to 9 points. Despite Vidmar’s brilliant defense, Dudley threw 15 points and brought the score at half-time to 41-38. In the 17th minute, Tanjeviç sent Ömer Aşık into the game and he succeeded in stopping Dudley.The Canary which protected the paint with Aşık-Semih and Aşık-Mirsad duos did not allow points and finished the half with 53-38 lead against Türk Telekom, which scored 30 of its 38 points underneath the basket. The Canary which scored easy points with the performance of its guards, got an easy result after it set its defence. Pick and rolls and triple plays which are the biggest weapons of Telekom and which end with points underneath the basket also lost their effect after Aşık checked into the game.

10 minutes with Ömer Aşık!
The score was 61-38 in the second half, after Fenerbahçe went on to drill 3 points. Telekom which could score only 3 points in 6 minutes with Barış from the free throw line, tried zone defense and tried to stop its opponent but Tanjevic sent in Mrsic and made this attempt of its opponent ineffective. Telekom which couldn’t score outside points because that El Amin was not playing well, could not prevent its opponent from extending the lead and the score was 72-48 in the 28. minute. The Canary which got a great tempo during the period Ömer Aşık, who checked in at the 18. minute, was on the court, extended the lead only with its 10-minute defence and was in front 75-50 at the end of the third quarter. Of course Semih Erden, who played like a real superstar during this lead and finished with double digits, had a great role. The biggest handicap for Türk Telekom was the 72 points they allowed in 28 minutes, while they had beat their opponent twice this season allowing for 72 points in both of the games.

Telekom needs a formula
In last year’s first match of the finals series, Fenerbahçe The Canary, which beat Efes by 30 points in the first game of the finals, also beat Telekom by 28 points. Solomon, Ömer Onan, Mirsad, Kinsey, White, Semih, Ömer Aşık, Mrsiç, Oğuz and the other players who checked in later ... They all did their job perfect. A little note, the game was over for Dudley, who scored 15 points, the moment Aşık checked in! Telekom should definitely come up with something new for the next games. As we mentioned yesterday, they should play better defence and use the guards more efficiently to win. Fenerbahçe on the other hand, is doing great. What they have to do Tuesday is to play the same way.A team which scores 12/22 wins the moment it plays defence, they should look for no adventure.

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