Championship excitement for Fenerbahçe Ülker

Following the Beko Basketball League play-off final series which saw Türk Telekom defeated 4-1 by Fenerbahçe Ülker, the victorious team’s players are feeling incredibly joyful.

Ömer Onan, one of the FB players who helped his team and training coach Bogdan Tanjeviç to achieve a happy ending to the final series, says that there are some players on the team who have tasted championship before.  “Everyone laid his character on the line,” said Onan, “Türk Telekom is a good team, but we had a better defense and played better than they did.  We have every right to be the champions.”

Oğuz Savaş emphasized that the happiness of winning the championship was worth all the hard work the team had put into it, stated, “We really put up a good effort. Being a champion feels very good.  We want to have the same success when we go to Europe.”  Team captain Demir Kaan, saying that the team had a extraordinary final series, added, “This season we gave our fans some really great basketball games. We are the champions, we are very happy about that.  Taking the championship twice in two years is very gratifying."

Ibrahim Kutluay who began the season with F.Bahçe Ülker and then transferred to the Greek team, PAOK Thessalonica, congratulated his former team mates on their victory. “FB is a lot stronger than the Türk Telekom team,” he said, “They took the championship quite easily.  I hope FB will be just as successful during the next regular season and in their European games,” he concluded.

Okur congratulates Fenerbahçe

The NBA’s Mehmet Okur of the Utah Jazz congratulated the FB Ülker team, and said he was very happy about their championship victory. Okur, who was participating at the NBA No Boundaries European Summer Camp at Darüşşafaka Sports Auditorium, said he had watched the final match of the series and stated, as a fan of FB, it gives me a lot of pleasure to see them as champions.”  He went on to talk about FB’s extensive group of players and its experienced training team, saying, “FB Ülker players, trainers and fans are riding a wave.  They have won the league championship two years in a row.”  Okur was asked what decision he would have made if he had been asked to play for Efes or FB Ülker before he went to play for the NBA, to which he replied, “My favorite football and basketball teams are both FB. There is a special place in my heart for them.”

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