Children get together at contemporary Istanbul for Ülker’s children’s art workshop

Ülker’s Children’s Art Workshop is back for the third time at Contemporary Istanbul. Ülker has reached out to 13,000 children via the workshop as of 2014.

Yıldız Holding has turned the Ülker Children’s Art Workshop an annual tradition – this as it celebrated its third season at Contemporary Istanbul.

Held between November 13 and 16, 2014, the event and its unique array of activities drew in many a young artist from far and wide.

The workshop’s coordinators have also collaborated with Professor Hüsamettin Koçan of the Baksı Museum as well as art majors from Marmara and Mimar Sinan University to create an event that inspires kids to stretch their imaginations.

The workshop gives children the freedom to paint on walls and see their paper puppets magically turn into digital animation. It teaches them that you can make art can by turning bicycle pedals, too. It has become most accessible and fastest-growing children’s workshop in Türkiye – a dream come true for its founders. It has reached out to 13,000 children as of 2014.

According to Zuhal Şeker (General Manager of Corporate Communications at Yıldız Holding): “Ülker has always been close to children. We attach great importance to investing children’s projects – and hence Türkiye’s future. In the past 8 years alone, we’ve spent over TL 33 million on sports, education, and art projects targeted at kids.

Our Children's Art Workshop introduces art to children together. It is like our baby. We’re always striving to outdo our previous events. We want art to be part of our kid’s every lives. To achieve that, we develop all of our own content, and make our projects available on as many platforms as possible. If we raise our kid with art now, then our future will be an aesthetically pleasing one.”

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